Introducing Key Light 2.0

The Makeup Light is proud to announce the second generation Key Light 2.0 LED
light panel.

We have made some striking changes to the core light of our user-friendly,
“game-changing” lighting system, while keeping the versatility of this trusted high-quality
light unchanged and unmatched.

The Key Light 2.0 features a new sleek metal case on the exterior and technological LED
enhancements in the interior. TML has also streamlined the power supply for quicker setups
and easier storage. The bright, daylight-balanced light quality and great versatility the Key
Light system is known and trusted for remains intact.

What’s new for Key Light 2.0:

-Sleek metal housing in two colors: “Graphite” or “Gold”
-Slim profile (just 1/2 inch thick) with protective corner bumpers
-Improved LEDs with color rendering index (CRI) of 96+
-Glossy light panel surface
-Smaller universal power assembly featuring in-line, touch-style, flicker-free dimmer switch

What’s Unchanged:

-Compatible with all existing (and new) TML Key Light accessories and mounting options
-Same, trusted daylight balance and brightness of the original TML Key Light

Information card for Key Light 2.0

The new design and enhanced versatility make the Key Light 2.0 the most advanced and
user-friendly light available in the world.

The Key Light 2.0 packages will be presented at several trade shows this year including:
The Makeup Show, IMATS, and PHAMExpo. They will also be available with our trusted resellers around the world. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for announcements!

Key Light 2.0 Panel "Gold"  Key Light 2.0 Panel -Graphite


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