Key Light Carry Bag

The Key Light Carry Bag

This bag is a big hit among purchasers of the Key Light Kit. And that’s no surprise, as we designed this bag not only to safely hold The Key Light and its accessories, but also with plenty of extra room and several options for carrying it. This carry bag stylishly holds a complete “Master” or “Pro” key light kit and still has room left over in the front pocket.

Along with the custom mesh-pockets on the inside to hold the Key Light and accessories, the bag features a large pocket on the front and a “luggage-handle sleeve” on the back. Key Light owners know that versatility is extremely important at TML and our new version of this bag has an adjustable shoulder-strap that doubles as a set of backpack straps.

This bag is also “weather-proof.” You can carry it through the rain, sleet, and snow with confidence that all of your goodies inside are safe from the elements of nature.


TML recently made the Key Light Carry Bag bag better! Here’s what’s new:


•The exterior material of the bag has been changed to a stronger woven material with a sleek sheen.

•The adjustable shoulder strap now doubles as a set of backpack straps!

•The luggage-handle sleeve has been widened to fit a broader range of handles.

The Key Light carry bag is included in the “Pro” and “Master” packages and is also available separately.


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