Portable Vanity -Personal

Finally, professional lighting for personal use. We all need color correct lighting to apply our makeup, and a soft white color temperature (4800°k) is the best. Since even walking down the street we can be seen in many color temperatures of light from the shade of an awning to the bright sunlight we need a reliable color temp to allow us to do the best makeup to face our world.

We at The Makeup Light have looked for a way to bring professional lighting into your home. The Portable Vanity will do just that. You can choose to wall mount your unit or create your personal vanity space. Since the doors move a full 270° and can move independently, you can adjust to fit the space at your home. The classic colors fit into any home design, modern or even ornate. The Makeup Light is completely portable to stow away if you need extra space or take with you if you move. Browse the photos below for inspiration.

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