Portable Vanity -Professional

The Makeup Light Portable Vanity was designed specifically for professional Makeup Artists. You should consider The Portable Vanity as your lightweight mobile Makeup Studio. All your trials and tests can be done at your studio or home and then take your Portable Vanity set up with you for that important event.

Whether your specialty is Weddings, Events, Print Work or Red Carpet, The Portable Vanity provides a perfectly lit workspace of crisp, color correct lighting.  When you use The Portable Vanity as your lighting source, your clients will be impressed with your professionalism.  As ALL professionals know, your great skill and carefully chosen makeup products and brushes are greatly hindered or nearly useless if you are working in a dimly lit space.

The Portable Vanity slim design is only 2.75 inches thick, allowing you to have a small workspace footprint, thus giving you more space for your makeup and brushes.  With a total of 4 rubber feet it’s incredibly sturdy even with the doors at a 90° angle.

The Portable Vanity itself becomes an extension of your kit.  Kind of a blank canvas, allowing you the use the unit to hold items to relieve the constraints on the often small workspace.  The doors will allow you to move them independently or together to personalize your space.  Whether you are clipping your notes and inspiration directly to the doors, or attaching an iPhone or camera to the body for videos, you can make your Portable Vanity uniquely yours.  Enjoy the pictures below and get inspired to design your own space.  Don’t forget to hashtag photos of your own workspace designs on social media: #themakeuplight

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