Key Light 2.0 Red Panel and Magic Mount Kit

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The Key Light 2.0 Red Panel and Magic Mount Kit includes our NEWEST accessory, the Magic Mount Set, along with a Limited Edition RED Key Light 2.0 LED Panel and Quick Release.

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Included in this amazing kit:
  • 1 Key Light 2.0 Red Panel
  • 1 Magic Mount set
  • 1 Quick Release
  • 1 Tote Carry Bag
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The Limited Edition Red Key Light 2.0 LED Panel

The Key Light LED panel is the core of our easy to use “game-changing” lighting system that is trusted by thousands of professional artists.

The second generation Key Light “2.0” series is a dimmable daylight-balanced (5000 K) LED light panel designed for bright and even illumination. A light you can trust. Tested with the most advanced technology, the enhanced 2.0 LED panel delivers exceptional 96+ CRI light and a “color quality scale” (CQS) value of 93. The LED lifetime expectancy is 50,000+ hours.

Finished with a brilliant glossy display and sleek metal case (in limited edition Red), this lightweight panel is a powerful accessory you need in your kit. Durable and portable, the key light is designed to go wherever you go.

Key Light 2.0 is Compatible with all existing TML Key Light accessories and mounting options. It also has the same trusted daylight balance and brightness of the original Key Light LED panel.

The Key Light 2.0 Panel includes:
  • -One RED Key Light 2.0 LED Panel (7.25 x 9″ / 17.6 x 22 cm)
  • -Power cord assembly (14′) with in-line, touch-style “flicker-free” dimmer switch
  • -Felt pouches for panel and power assembly
  • -One Quick Release

The Magic Mount Set

Mounting Surface Possibilities
A variety of sealed, smooth, and dry surfaces (not only glass or acrylic) are now a possible location to mount the Key Light. Painted metal, tile, formica veneer, and very smooth varnished wood are some of the new possibilities. Not recommended for use on: wallpaper (or any paper), painted wood, drywall, or plaster where the paint may peel, and textured or porous materials.
Extra-Low Profile
With the necessary ball head attached, the Key Light is only about 2 inches (5 cm) from the mounting surface. A low-profile allows positioning of the Key Light in extremely tight places. While mounted at such a low-profile, there remains a substantial degree of movement to direct the Key Light via the ball head. Use the included(!) Quick Release to facilitate attachment of the Key Light to the Magic Mount.
Reusable / Washable Adhesive
Here’s the “magic” part. This mount has a very long-lasting, strong …and washable adhesive. Think post-it note, but strong enough to hold a Key Light, and you don’t have to crumble it up and toss it when you’re done using it. The key is to use it where there will be no air bubbles or tiny air channels present after sticking it to the surface.

The Magic Mount will eventually get dirty from handling and use. Just a quick bath and rub-down in running water (with or without soap) will wash and “re-charge” the adhesive. At some point due to lots of repeated use, the adhesive will have lost it’s initial “magic,” and this is why we supply two Magic Mounts per set.
To store and protect the Magic Mount adhesive surface, we have provided a “Reuse Sheet” for each mount. Each reuse sheet is much easier to apply and remove than the original adhesive backing sheet on the Magic Mount. The Magic Mount should be kept away from heat and dust, dirt, or other debris, so we’ve also added a sealable bubble envelope to keep the set together and clean.

Included in the Magic Mount Set are:
  • 2 Magic Mounts – each measure 3 1/8 in. (7.6 cm) square
  • 1 Ball Head
  • 2 Reuse Sheets (easier to use for storage than the original adhesive backing sheet)
  • 1 Sealable Bubble Envelope

Click here to view a short video overview of The Magic Mount set-up and basic use.

Please note!

NOT RECOMMENDED for use on: wallpaper (or any paper), painted wood, drywall, or plaster where the paint may peel, and textured or porous materials.

Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturers defect for 1 Year from date of purchase.

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in


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