The Tattoo Light by TML LED lighting

Since 2013, TML LED lighting systems have become the trusted source of bright, daylight-balanced, dimmable light for thousands of artists in the beauty, television, and film industries.

We are expanding by getting our lighting systems to all artists who need this kind of consistent and trusted lighting to do their job.

The “Key Light” is a flat panel LED light source that emits daylight-balanced (4800K) light from the single large face of the panel itself.  Not through hundreds of tiny blinding dots with their multiple distracting shadows.
This bright, yet dimmable light source can be positioned several feet away from your working space without needing further adjustment to cover large areas and fine details. The area of coverage could easily be arranged to light your inks too, showing their true color values.
The Key Light produces light that is soft, but retains just the right amount of “edge” contrast. Shadow won’t get in the way, and the light will reveal true color and fine detail in your work.
TML’s lighting system has a variety of mounting options and accessories including sturdy light stands, clamp mounts and surface mounts. Floor stands, adjustable table arms, and low-profile surface mounts will be available soon.

The Light is available in various kits or as individual panels and accessories HERE

We are proud to be the sole lighting sponsor of Inked Magazine’s Empire State Tattoo Expo.
Empire State Tattoo Expo 2017

“The Tattoo Light” is now showing up in shops across the US and around the world. Follow and tag #thetattoolight on Instagram @thetattoolight.