Artistry and technique work together hand-in-hand in front of the camera, and behind it in the entertainment industry. The same can be said of architecture and home decor—the right components transform a house into a home.

This can absolutely be said of the home of actress, director, and all-around extraordinary woman, Bryce Dallas Howard. Her home is a meeting of beauty, function, and exceptional quality.

Recently, Bryce took Architectural Digest on a tour of her home. Fans of The Makeup Light might have noticed her beautiful vanity area—featuring custom daylight-balanced, full-color spectrum lighting built right in.

We worked directly with the extremely talented craftsmen at Cooper Reynolds Gross, who created this amazing piece featured in the clip below.

Collaborations like this bring out the best in both companies, and it was remarkable to see the CRG team at work. Their professionalism, attention-to-detail, and collaborative spirit brought this piece together beautifully.

Watch this clip below to see the finished piece in Bryce's home:


Inside Bryce Dallas Howard's Glamorous Home Section Transcript

A woman named Vivian Baker has been my makeup artist for years. She won an Oscar just a couple of years ago, and she and her husband have a company called the Makeup Light, and it's something that they created so that when you look in the mirror, there's cinema grade lighting that will light you so that you can actually see what your face is gonna look like under the lights. I have this little turn dial thing, which can turn it up and you can turn it down. And it's just, it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful space.