Body painters take the artistry of working on the human canvas to a whole new level. These artists often do large scale projects on the entire body that require extensive planning and close attention to detail. These applications are often temporary, although longer term dyes such as henna are sometimes used. Body painting usually takes several hours to apply and may require more than one artist.

Body painters can work virtually anywhere, as long as the client is comfortable and the environment doesn't interfere with the work. Temporary designs are often applied using water-based paints, so working in a cool environment will keep the model from sweating during application. Ample amounts of paint and sufficient space/lighting are the other main requirements for getting the job done.

Eyelight horizontal front and back image

Since body painters oftentimes travel and require light on the entire body, we recommend two Eyelights to get the job done. The Eyelight's long rectangular shape will project even, daylight-balanced lighting from head to toe. The quality of the light will enhance the details of your work, including the color choices and fine detailing of body art.

There are a couple great ways you can mount your Eyelights. If you're working in a studio with a large mirror, you can suction your Eyelights to the mirror using our Sticky Suction Mount. If you travel often for jobs, the folding portable Light Stand with the adjustable Gooseneck is a versatile option. You could even use the reusable Magic Mount to secure your Eyelights to sealed, smooth surfaces (please review this link for approved surfaces).

While we provide recommendations to assist you in the purchasing process, we understand that TML is incredibly versatile and each kit must suit the individual artist.  For additional questions regarding our lights and mounting options, please contact The Makeup Light at (818) 988-9085.

** Quick Note: Place your lights slightly above your subject, with the light projecting downward. Allow the light to project over your shoulder and onto your subject - do not stand directly in front of the light panel. Lightly tap the Power Button to dim the light as needed. The Makeup Light is ideal for both makeup application and photography of artistry work.