Vivian's Set Bag


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Alyssa Barron

I've only used a couple times but so far I love it!

it was to big for backstage work but was wonderful for set/commercial work. I could fit all three of the talents MU in it with my own personal stuff + room for more. Would recommend.

Awesome and unique set bag

I’ve been looking for a

Nicole Palladini
100% worth the money!

Amazing set bag! I've tried out a couple set bags and this one is by far my favorite. Having it around my waist makes it so easy to work out of, and its comfortable. I fit so much in there too! All the pockets and compartments help keep things organized without having to find other organizers to put into my set bag. If you need a set bag/a new set bag definitely get this one. Its 100% worth the money!

Matin Maulawizada
Best set bag

like all make up artists, I have a closet full of set bags and back packs but I have never been fully happy with any of them until I Was doing my first TV show and just didn’t have the luxury to rummage through my bags or go back to the make up trailer to pick up products. This bag is perfectly compartmentalized to organize all the make up I need to use. It is water proof and it works like a table on my shoulder which keeps my hands free to work. Really comfortable to have it on all day.

Scott C. Miller
Very pleased

Really enjoy my new on set bag. Thanks for putting this together and offering it to us. Your tips are very helpful.