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Toshia Wallis
Seeing is Believing!!

I am an avid makeup lover that hopes to one day cross over onto the professional side. I decided to invest in myself and companies that I believe in, and that are of the highest of quality.
I am in love with my The Makeup Light.
It definitely helps me see things differently and more clearly! It allows me to see the true variations of skin tones for better tonal adjustments and corrections; as well as, allows me to create a more seamless beautifully blended look. Not to mention I am in desperate need of glasses, and The Makeup Light definitely enhances my vision. There has been noticeable improvements in my makeup applications immediately. It's like having the sun in your darkest room!
I like taking pictures of makeup looks in different lighting and through the day for a better understanding how products perform, and if they look great in multiple lighting scenarios. The Makeup Light allows me to quickly run through the settings and to make needed adjustments to look best in all Lighting scenarios before I go on my way.
I was super impressed with the way it was packaged and shipped. The box is very well insulated and packaged that I kept the box for any future moves. I am not the handiest with tools, but the assembly was very easy and didn't take long to assemble. Customer service is wonderful. They followed up with me after delivery and emailed me additional information about their YouTube channel that explains further instructions on how to get the best uses out of your light!
Seeing is truly believing! Worth every penny. Go buy one ASAP!

Loved it so much, bought one for a friend

As someone over 50, seeing to do anything to my face is such a struggle, til I got the Makeup Light pro luxe. I loved it so much, I got one for a friend and I am planning on getting my mom one for Mothers day! I did a video review.

It's big, I can see and it looks beautiful in any decor. Now I need to redo my closet to make a space for it.

My favorite part is that they will put your name on it. Amazing.


As soon as it was available, I picked it up, beyond amazing & reasonably priced for all it does, with remote & the no iron mirror is nearly impossible to find. I'm happy they included the stand as well as built in option, having a separate vanity in my bedroom is but a dream... to sit down morning to get a relaxing fresh face, evening to enjoy my removal & skin regiment is glorious... & my getting ready for events, sets a mood, as my mom is now living with me, I had the perfect scenario to have a the experience of working on a client, at 87 she was in heaven.
I will be eventually replacing my studio lit mirror with the Meira LUXe.


Absolutely stunning. Worth every penny 😍

Robin Slater
Mirror Mirror on the Wall I have the Best Mirror Of Them All

I waited so patiently for this release. I have been planning bathroom remodeling in my California 101 year old house. I was looking for a mounted option, but haven’t started the renovations, yet. Then, I saw TML Meira Home LUXe and knew I couldn’t wait to have the perfect makeup lighting in my home.

This has so many color temperatures and dimmer touch power remote. Even I was shocked seeing it set up on my vanity! I put it together alone and put it in place on its stand in 15-20 minutes. Now I need to get another for my eventual bathroom remodel because this one is not leaving my vanity!