Anyone who's ever had a bad haircut or dye job knows how important a good hairstylist is. Hairstylists attend cosmetology school to earn their individual state license, and afterward spend years honing their craft. They can do anything from a simple haircut to a more elaborate hair coloring, and oftentimes do updos for weddings or formal occasions. Their work requires knowledge and precision, and clients often go back to specific hairdressers because of these skills.

Hairstylists work in a variety of settings, depending on the work they specialize in. Many hairstylists work in a traditional salon setting, doing haircuts and coloring. Some stylists work in a more specialized setting, such as a blow-dry bar, where they primarily do blowouts and small updos. Other hairstylists, in cities such as New York or Los Angeles, work in the editorial or film industry, creating styles for magazines, television, and film. There are many avenues that hairstylists can take throughout their career.

Eyelight in action at salon by hairstylist

For the hairstylists working in a salon or blow-dry bar, our lighting recommendation would be the Eyelight. The Eyelight can easily be mounted on each side of your individual station's mirror, giving you ample light for cutting, coloring, or styling. You can even add a third light above your mirror for additional illumination. For mounting options, we suggest our wall mounting options, such as the reusable Magic Mount for adhering to sealed, smooth surfaces, the Sticky Suction Mount for mounting on mirrors or glass, or the EZ Clamp for clipping the light directly to your workstation. Please review your personal set-up to determine which mounting option is best for you.

For hairstylist working on-set, we suggest purchasing our Key Light 2.0 Master Package. This package is compact for travel, offers two Key Lights to illuminate both sides of the head, and several floor/wall mounting options. You can use the Sticky Suction Mounts to attach your lights to glass or mirrored surfaces, EZ-Clamps to clip to doors or cupboards, or the Light Stands with adjustable Gooseneck for open floor plan set-ups. Whether you're working alone or with a makeup artist, you'll have plenty of light to create the style you want.

While we provide recommendations to assist you in the purchasing process, we understand that TML is incredibly versatile and each kit must suit the individual artist. For additional questions regarding our lights and mounting options, please contact The Makeup Light at (818) 988-9085.

** Quick Note: Place your lights slightly above your subject, with the light projecting downward. Allow the light to project over your shoulder and onto your subject - do not stand directly in front of the light panel. Lightly tap the Power Button to dim the light as needed. The Makeup Light is ideal for both makeup application and photography of artistry work.