Transcript: Hi, Michael here with The Makeup Light and today we're just doing a quick tip about our magic mount set. this one has already been used so it has our restick for reuse sheet on it. 

So, w're going to peel that off and take it, place it onto your surface. Press it in the center first, then you're just going to smooth out any air bubbles. Go around the whole edge of the product. That's what give sit its sheer strength.

Today we're using the Eyelight. And any of our light panels would work on the Magic Mount Set. Place it on, throw the lock, and you're good to go.

And then when you're finished with the project, you just do the reverse. Take off, through the quick release, take off the Eyelight. And then simply peel off from the corner like this. Restick for reuse pad. Put it right on there. And off you go to your next project.