Transcript: So now you're asking yourself, then what is the differences between a Key Light and an Eyelight.

Well, the Key Light was originally developed for its portability and ease of transportation. You can tuck it in a bag, use multiple different mounting options, take it on location anywhere you want to go.

Well, we came out with the Eyelight originally for estheticians to work in spas, salon situations. It wraps around the face better because it's a longer, wider light source.

Well, soon makeup artists decided they wanted to take it on location as well. It comes in a felt pouch. It's easy to put it in your own bag, one of ours, and take it on location. And it works on all of our mounting options. You have a Sticky Suction Mount. You have a Magic Mount. you have an EZ clamp. A light stand. it will work on all of these. 

So, no matter which light you choose you'll have an amazing light source and be able to use it in any situation.