Valerie smiles at the camera, caught mid-laugh

As a teacher, Valerie spent years getting up before the sun to get ready for work. That meant putting on her makeup in the dark! 

Now a mother and grandmother, Valerie understands the importance of a bright light to see—especially when she removes her glasses!

"If you don't have enough lighting, you can't see. When The Makeup Light became a part of my [life], what a difference it made! I could see everything that I needed to see."

Instead of struggling to see, Valerie has a clear picture of herself when she is readying herself—and a clear vision for who she wants to be in this moment.


Valerie Interview Transcript:

[Thank you for joining us today. Please introduce yourself.]

Hi, I'm Valerie Swafford. I live in Georgia and proud mother of three children, seven grandchildren and a wife of a wonderful, devoted husband.

[Thank you for joining us today. How did you hear about The Makeup Light?]

I actually heard about The Makeup Light from Vivian Baker, and she introduced that to me. And it sounded absolutely amazing and was extremely interested in that, because it is at the time was so hard to find a decent makeup light.

You could walk the aisle of stores looking at makeup lights and test them by turning them on. And it's like this is not going to work. This will not help me one bit. 

[What was lacking in those lights?]

The brightness of the lights. It's like there's not enough brightness there to help me.

[How is The Makeup Light different from other makeup lights you have used and tested?]

I have the "vanity" makeup light. The first one that I had was the vanity. And it is large enough for me to see. Well, in it, the lighting was fantastic. I had just had a conversation with my optician, an optometrist, about the fact that I just could not see as I was aging, needing to wear glasses, all those things that come along as you get older that you don't anticipate.

I, you know, it was difficult to see to put on makeup. So if you take your glasses off to put on makeup, first of all, you can't see well. And if you don't have enough lighting, you can't see.

As a schoolteacher, I was getting up early to be at school by about six thirty in the morning. So there was no natural light to help me see added to the lights in the bathroom, which six lights over my vanity was not enough even for me to do that when The Makeup Light became a part of my the furniture in my room, what a difference it made. 

I could see everything that I needed to see. I had a good, a good scope of what I needed to put on the makeup. The lighting was fantastic to see and it was adjustable so I could adjust the amount of lighting I need. But honestly, I took it all the way up because I needed that much light.

And not just for makeup. I'm going to say to do your nails. How about a manicure? The Makeup Light's great place to sit and handle that. Even my husband will use it at times if he needs it.

It's the extra light that we might need to do some of those things, like is it splinter's that you might need to pull out? Whatever, we use it for a lot of things, not just looking better in the morning before you head off and want to make sure that you're good all day long.

[Do you own any other TML products?]

I have the Eyelight and I use that for travel, and I just am very impressed with the product. So it's easy to use. It's easy to mount. And the carrying case honestly was so impressive because it just the case alone is well made.

And you know that the pouch that holds the chords and everything, it's not going to tear up on you. It's not going to start coming un-sewn and unraveled. And you'll have to piece it back together yourself. 

So I was impressed with the pieces that hold and protect The Makeup Light as I was the light itself.

[So what mounting accessory do use mainly when you travel with your Eyelight?]

The Magic Mount, and I'm impressed with the fact that you use it over and over again and it stays secure on the mirror. You just press it on. Then when you're finished, you pull it off, stored away. It's ready to go the next time. 

[What's the biggest challenge you have overcome by using TML lighting?]

Definitely for me. Just the bright light that enables me to see. Once again, if you wear glasses, once you take the glasses off, you really can't see much. So I do add a magnifying mirror with it.

So I have both that and the natural lighting of around it with the Eyelight and the regular mirror. And it just gives me all of the components that I need to get ready for the day.

[Is using TML lighting, how does that make you feel about the makeup you've done and about yourself as you walk out the door?]

Well, I think anyone would know that every woman wants to feel confident when she walks out that door. Besides the wardrobe that she might change for different times before you go out, The Makeup Light enables you to gain that confidence that you're put together before you ever leave.

And that makes a huge difference. Nobody likes to get to work. And later in the day, they they look in the mirror and they notice something that wasn't right.

And it's because they couldn't see well or when they left home, didn't notice something that was there. The Makeup Light enables me to take care of all of those things. So, it's never let me down! I'll tell you that.