Which makeup set bag did a COVID Compliance Office approve on-set?

Are you looking for a COVID Compliance Officer-approved set bag? Working during the coronavirus pandemic has meant some adjusting for the film industry. Though makeup artists already work with sanitation in mind, a new standard has been set by COVID-19.

The Vivian Set Bag was designed with sanitation in mind, and came out just in time as productions got back to work. The incomparable Melissa Street spoke to her COVID Compliance Officer on a recent production, and here is what he had to say about her Vivian Set Bag: 

Set Bag Approved by the COVID Compliance Officer

“'This is your set bag? This is an actual set bag?'”

I said, 'Yeah, it’s designed to be a set bag.'

He said, 'Oh, it zips! Most set bags I see don’t zip, they stay open... I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really great.'

Then I showed him the inside. I showed him all the pockets. I showed him the fact that I could clean and wipe [it] down. That it wasn’t some kind of porous material. And he was just super impressed with this. He thought that this was fantastic… revolutionary, actually, is what he said. And he said he wished that more makeup artists that were independent were using something that was at least zipped up for purposes of COVID and for being clean and staying clean."

Vivian Set Bag - Sanitary and Safe!

The Vivian Set Bag is designed to be easy-to-clean with every part (besides the weight-reduction strap) easily cleaned by bleach products. The inside is spacious, with a light interior that makes it easy to find what you need, even in the dark! A touch guard over the tissue holder helps keep things clean and sanitary.

Aren't you tired of fumbling in the dark or trying to find places to place everything you need to work on set? Would you like to carry everything hands-free? Want to be certain you are as sanitary and safe as you can be? Then, it's time to invest in the Vivian Set Bag!

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Thank you, Melissa Street, for sharing your knowledge and what your COVID Compliance Officer had to say! Watch Melissa’s full video on IGTV! 

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