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You don't know what you can't see. As a professional artist, light is the foundation of everything you do. 

So says Vivian Baker, the muse of The Makeup Light and inspiration behind this Master Light Kit.

Working on set, on location, and in makeup trailers, Vivian is the master at adapting. There's never room for a light stand, but the mounts included in this kit are her favorites for any situation.

Included in this kit are 2 Magic Mounts, 2 Suction Mounts, and 2 EZ-Clamps.

Fit the entire kit in your Pro/Master Bag—including your two Key Light panels and Power Cords!

The Key Light is an edge-lit LED Light Panel the size of a tablet, yet powerful enough to bring sunshine indoors. 96+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) with the full color spectrum of noon-day sunlight—no color is missing from this light!

This light kit is portable, easy to travel with, and durable. Choose either "Graphite" or "Gold" for your LED light panel finish. It includes a pro/master bag and light stand bag for easy storage and transportation—plus felt bags to protect your LED panels and power cords.

Please note that the Gooseneck is intended for use on the light stand only. 
TML does NOT recommend using the Gooseneck in combination with any other mounting accessories for your TML light panels. 


  • Daylight Balanced at 5000 Kelvin
  • Improved LEDs with CRI of 96+ (includes R9 – R15 values)
  • Color Quality Scale CQS” value of 93
  • International dual Voltage (100 – 240 VAC)
  • LED life expectancy, 50,000+ hours
  • LED Panel Size (7.25 x 9 in. / 17.6 x 22 cm)
  • LED Panel Weight 1.3 lb (590 g)
  • Sleek metal housing - "Graphite" or "Gold"
  • Slim profile with protective corner bumpers
  • Glossy light panel surface
  • Universal power assembly featuring in-line, touch-style, flicker-free dimmer switch
  • Compatible with all existing TML Key Light accessories and mounting options

Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturers defect for 1 Year from date of purchase.


The Key Light Vivian's Master Kit includes:

  • Two Key Light 2.0 LED Panel (7.25 x 9 in. / 17.6 x 22 cm), Choose “Gold” or “Graphite”
  • Two Power cord assemblies (14') with in-line, touch-style “flicker-free” dimmer switch
  • Felt pouches for panels and power assemblies
  • Two Quick Release sets
  • Two EZ Clamps
  • Two Sticky Suction Mounts
  • Two Magic Mount Kits
  • One Pro / Master Carry Bag with Stand Bag


5000 Kelvin, 96+ CRI with a Color Quality Scale (CQS) value of 93—all in a light panel the size of a standard tablet. The Key Light 2.0 packs a lot of power under the hood—where you know it counts.

Versatility and portability are key for Vivian’s work. A stand has far too big a footprint. She needs easy to load, easy to carry, easy to pack, and easy to use. The EZ-Clamp, Magic Mount, and Suction Mount give Vivian a wide array of options. She never needs a stand, and doesn’t miss carrying one!

The included Pro/Master Bag has a roomy interior, and even with Vivian's Master Kit securely inside, there is still room for more!