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A TML custom lighting panel hanging

Custom Lighting Options

Since TML's infancy, there have been requests for custom designs using our trailblazing technology. Makeup trailers, salon owners, and schools ask for TML by name, knowing they will always get the best lighting. From simple mounted SNAP (Single Narrow Adaptive Panel) panels to full custom vanities, TML can meet your needs.

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Custom lighting in a film and television makeup trailer


Three custom LED light panels around a mirror


If you have a space where you need custom lightingbe it a spa, a salon, your home, a makeup trailer, or moreThe Makeup Light is here to help.

Every custom lighting assembly created by The Makeup Light is crafted with the same care as our LED panels. These custom lights go up to 40 inches in length, and provide professional-grade illumination wherever you need it!

BluEyes Studio Custom Lighting by TML


A custom panel above two circular mirrors


Custom lighting in a film and television makeup trailer

Detail of a TML custom lighting LED panel


- Daylight Balanced at 5000K
- CRI of 95+ (includes R1 – R15 values)
- Color Quality Scale "CQS” value of 93
- International dual Voltage (100 – 240 VAC)
- LED life expectancy, 50,000+ hours 


Custom order definitions from The Makeup Light

Custom Order - Though we are known for our pre-made panels, we also specialize in custom lighting systems for makeup trailers, homes, makeup rooms, and more! 

LED - This stands for “Light-emitting diode.” 

Daylight-Balanced - The best lighting found on planet Earth comes from the sun. To be Daylight Balanced means the color temperature is balanced to mimic natural daylight. This is great for color matching and ensures what you see is what you get when you step outside.

For more definitions, visit the TML Dictionary

Custom Film Makeup Trailer Lighting by TML


Our team has years of experience with custom lighting set-ups. From celebrity homes, to makeup trailers, to spas and salons, and more!  

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    Michael Astalos and Vivian Baker headshot


    Michael has been creating lighting for professional makeup artists for 20 years. His first company, Cases for Visual Arts, was founded when his wife, makeup artist Vivian Baker, was struggling with good lighting when daylight-balanced lights were introduced to film and television.

    Using his knowledge of the complexities of lighting, he created the first CVA portable makeup station as a gift for his wife. This would begin a whole new career for Michael, who had worked as a commercial photographer and electrical draftsman for lighting.

    In 2013, Vivian needed to up the game even more as digital took over the world of film and television. She requested an entire upgrade in lighting. It needed to fit in the small spaces of her trailer, be bright, but not blinding, and have the full-color spectrum and color temperature. TML was born.

    Michael's two companies thrive today. Demand is pushing TML into the consumer audience, as more people want high-quality lighting. Michael continues to pioneer in LED lighting in ways no one else has done or is looking to do.

    Vivian Baker and Kazu Hiro accept the Academy Award for Bombshell


    Vivian, always a lover of transformations in makeup, quickly rose to be one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world. In 2020, she won the Oscar and the BAFTA — among other awards — for her work on Bombshell, as one of the lead artists to Charlize Theron.

    Not new to awards, Vivian won an Emmy in 2009 for her prosthetic work on Drew Barrymore for Grey GardensHer prolific resume ranges from high fashion, to beauty, to prosthetics, to character transformations.

    The symbiotic relationship between Vivian and her husband has created the best lighting because it has come out of a working need.



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