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A woman regards her reflection in the light of her TML Eyelights

Woman examines her makeup under the light of her Eyelight LED light panel

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Bring Sunshine Indoors

Bad lighting shouldn't ruin your makeup! 
The Eyelight from The Makeup Light is daylight-balanced, bringing sunshine indoors! Stop looking for vanity lights for your bathroom, and start seeing yourself in true color with daylight-balanced light.

The best vanity lighting isn't a series of bulbs or ring lights. The best vanity lighting for makeup can only be found with the Eyelight from The Makeup Light.

Upgrade your bathroom lighting and turn any mirror into a makeup vanity with vanity light! This means no contractor fees, no breaking down walls, and no more bad light. Bright light with the full color spectrum—that's what you'll get with the Eyelight.

Lighted Mirror Makeup Vanities

Meira brings the same trusted quality of light and revolutionary technology into your home that is found in our pro line of LED panels.

If you are looking for the best makeup vanity, there are no others like this one. Daylight-balanced with the full color spectrum. The technology behind our makeup vanities are the same as our pro line, and the mirrors are low-iron (so no green cast to your reflection).

 This 12x12 lighted mirror makeup vanity separates from its stand so you can easily move it around your home or travel with it. These makeup vanities with lights are the new standard in home lighting.

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If you have any questions about our lights, our small business, our inspiration, or our products, email us at contact@themakeuplight.com.