Eyelight - Your Easy Makeup Vanity in Seconds!

THE EYELIGHT - YOUR EASY MAKEUP VANITY SOLUTIONEyelight with Magic Mount kit on mirror - Instant Makeup Vanity

We get it—you want to look great going out, but your bathroom lighting sucks. It's too dark, makes your skin look yellow, or just doesn't illuminate enough of your face to see what you're doing. (Why do so many bathroom lights point at the ceiling?!)

That's where The Makeup Light can help. The Eyelight is a sleek, chrome-plated, diffused LED light panel that gives you 95+ CRI. What does that mean? If the sun is 100 CRI, you're getting the closest to indoor sunlight there is!

Purchase your Eyelight Magic Kit today to create your easy makeup vanity!

For just $299, you get the Eyelight, power cord with four international adaptors, Quick Release, Magic Mount Kit, and more! With these tools, any mirror in your home becomes the easy makeup vanity you've dreamed of.

Buy the Eyelight Magic Kit now to create your easy makeup vanity


The Eyelight is perfect for professionals and/or home use. It boasts industry-leading color and light technology, and it's easy to put up! No drilling into the drywall, anchors, or frustrating contractor fees. 

Simply press a Magic Mount onto any mirror in your house, screw on the Quick Release, and stick your Eyelight right on. Now, you have an instant, easy makeup vanity without the renovation bills!


Magic Mount on Articulating Arm

Are you a professional looking to add the Eyelight to your toolkit? It works great for that, too! All the technology of the Key Light in a longer, sleeker package. 

If you already have existing mounts that work for your Key Light, they also work for your Eyelight. That's right! The Eyelight is compatible with all mounts by The Makeup Light. 

We know that sometimes you're in tight spots and don't want to travel too heavy. If you want one light with lots of reach and accurate color, this Eyelight is the one for you! And when you buy the Eyelight Magic Kit, you get a set of two Magic Mounts so you can set one up at home and take one on the road! 

Buy the Eyelight Magic Kit now to create your easy makeup vanity