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Model with Key Light 2.0 mounted via Suction Mount to glass

You don't want to think it, but they've shoved you into a tiny, dark room to do your work with a bulb hanging from the ceiling. "This lighting sucks."

There's no way you can pull off the miracle they're demanding with that! You have the skills and the tools, but you also need the right light. That's where TML can help. The Makeup Light has the daylight-balanced, pure white light you need to make sure the job's done right every time.

It might be getting a hair color just right, matching skin tones on a talent you've never met before. You could microblading a picky customer. Maybe you're inking on a tattoo that has special significance and needs to be perfect. Whatever your profession—it needs great light.

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For just $299, you get the Eyelight, power cord with four international adaptors, Quick Release, Magic Mount Kit, and more! With these tools, any mirror in your home becomes the easy makeup vanity you've dreamed of.

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Key Light 2.0 mounted to door via EZ ClampPeople like to throw around "daylight-balanced" and "true color" a lot. So, you're wondering, "What makes The Makeup Light different?"

1. NO MARKETING BS: When we say "daylight-balanced" we're talking about the technical definition, not some marketing crap to make bad lighting look better. We're dealing with CRI (Color Rendering Index). If the sun is 100 CRI, our lights are 95+. Get the picture? Your work will be in its best light every time!

2. REAL COLOR TECH: Sorry, folks. I can't tell you ALL the secrets, but I can tell you that there's a lot of amazing technology under the hood to make sure your color matching is right every time.

3. NO TOYS. JUST TOOLS: Other lights have a million gadgets, but they don't really DO anything. Every accessory from TML has a purpose. You can mount your light on curtains. You can mount your light on glass. You can mount your light on countertops and even the side of a truck! We don't waste your time with BS tricks. Just great tools to elevate your trade!

    Get the light of your dreams today!

    Buy the Eyelight Magic Kit now to create your easy makeup vanity