TML Spotlight: The Complexion Apothecary

Dyane MacKinnon of The Complexion Apothecary is a true professional who understands the importance of the right light.

Watch this video to find out what she thinks of the Eyelight, why she trusts it, and see how she positions her phone while she's working to capture videos.



Well, the reason I really enjoy using TML at the spa is being able to see I mean, she has such pristine, beautiful skin being able to see little individual pores and see where she has since the sebaceous filament.

You see where there's going to be breakouts coming to the surface, even just to see the differentiation between the sides going from her T-Zone out into the outer parts of her face is
I don't need anything special.

I don't need a magnifying glass, I don't need anything. I have the Eyelight and I can see everything for the entire space that I'm looking at evenly, which means I'm not touching and fiddling with anything.

I'm able to just focus on what I'm doing. So to me, it's I mean, whether I'm doing body waxing, brow shaping lash lift, eyelash extensions, I use this and I don't use any micro microscopic eye goggles and all of those things that people have come out with.

And, you know, I can see everything perfectly clearly. I mean, you can see every one of her eyelashes. You can see the dewdrops forming on her lashes from the steam. Can see every little hair.

When I'm doing dermaplaning, this is the best light I've ever used for dermaplaning I can see every little hair that comes up on her face and it doesn't matter with the skin tone.

And I can see all the textures on every skin tone when it comes to using the TML at the spa. I couldn't use anything else.