We're thrilled to announce our new series of vanities—TML Meira meaning "one who illuminates."

TML Meira
12x12 Vanity with Mirror

TML Meira lighted vanity for makeup and video calls

Meet the first in the series, our 12x12 TML Meira. Designed for compact areas, this light fits on an adjustable stand so you can move it easily for the right angle.

This little light packs a punch and has the same beautiful illumination as our Key Light and Eyelights.

TML Meira has 5 levels of brightness, so you can dim your light as needed. A low-iron mirror means there is no green cast to your reflection. Put these together, and you'll always know the creative choices you make with your makeup look perfect anywhere you go!

TML Meira lighted makeup vanity on a table with makeup

Are you teaching online makeup tutorials or spending lots of time on Zoom meetings? Add the Magnet Mount for your phone for easy video streaming that looks great!

***Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery***

  • LEDs are Daylight Balanced at 5000 Kelvin
  • CRI of 95+ (includes R1 – R15 values)
  • Color Quality Scale "CQS” value of 93
  • Glass / mirror are iron-free, therefore have no color-cast
  • International dual Voltage (100 – 240 VAC)
  • LED life expectancy, 50,000+ hours

Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturers defect for 1 Year from date of purchase.

  • One TML Meira vanity (12 x 12 in.) (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
  • Power cord assembly (14′) with in-line, touch-style flicker-free dimmer switch
  • International cord adapters (US, EU, UK, Australian)
  • Felt pouch for power assembly and adapters
  • One stand


Convenient and Affordable Options for a Natural Light Mirror Around Me in Los Angeles, CA

As a professional makeup artist on the go, you need a makeup lighting mirror solution that can go with you anywhere. The Makeup Light has created the most outstanding natural light mirror yet: the TML Meira. This beautifully small but overwhelmingly powerful vanity mirror with LED lights certainly packs a punch, providing exceptional illumination with low iron to remove the green cast to your reflection. Suitable for professional settings as well as for those who love to create makeup tutorials in their homes, the TML Meira is a smart choice for any type of artist.

Makeup Mirror with LED Lights for Streaming Near Me

The vanity mirror with light bulbs by The Makeup Light is the perfect choice for those who need exceptional lighting for videos. Our TML Meira light up makeup mirror features a magnetic mount that allows you to stabilize your cell phone to create the most optimal lighting for your video meetings, makeup tutorials and more. Delivering the same natural light as our Key Light range, and with a Color Quality Scale of 93, this 12x12 LED vanity mirror will have you looking great.

Shop Online for the Best LED Makeup Mirror Today in Los Angeles, CA and Nearby

Small enough to fit into even the most crowded spaced, the portable vanity mirror with lights by The Makeup Light is a perfect choice for makeup artists. Shop online today or call us at (818) 988-9085 for more information.


Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

The choice of LED lighting for makeup application is the ideal option for both professional makeup artists as well as home use. LED lighting offers lighting that is as close as possible to natural light. This ensures if your makeup looks good in the LED light, it will look great in any lighting conditions.

Are these mirrors with LED bulbs? Can it be replaced?

LED bulbs have an average life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours. These bulbs rarely, if ever, need to be replaced, even for professionals. Keep in mind, there are only 8760 hours in a year, so these bulbs will last for almost six years of continual 24/7/365 use.

Does it come with a finished installation or do I need to assemble it?

The vanity comes with a power cord and a tri-fold stand. The only assembly needed is to connect the power cord, position the stand, and place the TML Meira vanity on the stand. We also offer a range of other types of makeup mirrors and lighting options that offer similar ease of use and flexibility.

Does it just stand on the table or can it also be mounted on the wall?

The TML Meira is designed for small spaces and can be easily positioned to provide the lighting and mirror angle required for makeup application. It is designed to be used on the stand for easy use in any location.

I worry about the mirror being broken, what can I do if it was damaged?

We recommend positioning the vanity in a safe area away from the end of the counter when not in use. For traveling, we offer several bags that provide protection for your mirror, lights, and accessories. Let us know if the mirror was damaged, and we can try to work with you to find a solution.