The Makeup Light was originally designed to fulfill the lighting needs of working makeup artists. From the very beginning, TML has considered the complexity of these artists' jobs in all of their creations, from concept to final product. Even as we continue to expand our inventory with new and exciting innovations, the driving force behind all our products is still the everyday artist.

When choosing the right set-up as a makeup artist, the most important consideration is what kind of work you do. Do you travel? Do you work in a salon or studio? How do you envision mounting your lights? How much space is available for your lights, during travel and on location? Do you feel you need more than one light? Which is a better choice, the Key Light or Eyelight? These are all very important questions, and questions that only you can answer. That's the beauty of our lighting system - it allows you to customize your lights, based on where and how you prefer to work.

Below we've given some kit recommendations, based on different artists' work and the environment they  prepare clients in. Please read these recommendations for ideas on how to customize your lighting kit. For additional questions, please contact The Makeup Light at (818) 988-9085.

Pro Kit on doorway

Editorial Artist: Key Light 2.0 Pro Package

Editorial shoots are often very fast-paced, including set-up and tear down. You must be highly organized and adaptable, which is why the Pro Package is a great fit. With a single Key Light and all our mounting options, you'll be able to quickly and effectively work in any environment. You can use the Sticky Suction Mount to adhere your light to glass or mirrored surfaces, the EZ-Clamp to clip to doors or cupboards, and the Light Stand with adjustable Gooseneck for open floor plan set-ups.

Key Light Master Package in a hotel bathroom

Bridal Artist: Key Light 2.0 Master Package

Bridal artists typically travel to the wedding party's hotel to do makeup on the big day. While these settings are still time-sensitive, the services should look and feel more luxurious. Having a second Key Light will help you create your best work with more illumination, and will make the bridal party feel extra special. You can use the EZ-Clamps to clip a light on each side of a large vanity mirror, Sticky Suction Mounts for a window-facing set-up, or Light Stands with adjustable Goosenecks for both makeup and photography of the happy couple on their big day.

Salon/Studio Artist: Two+ Eyelight Magic Kits (Per Station)

Salons and beauty studios are fantastic locations for makeup application. Since portability isn't a factor in this setting, we recommend mounting the sleek, rectangular Eyelight on both sides of your individual station's mirror. The Magic Mount, a reusable, low-profile wall mounting system, is the perfect fit for this more professional setting (please review this link for approved surfaces: You can even add a third light above your mirror for additional illumination.

Film/TV Artist: Vivian's Master Kit

Film and television productions often dedicate a room or station to hair/makeup application. The room is often busy and cramped, so while you need ample lighting, a stand as your mounting option is not recommended. Instead, utilize our various wall mounting options for these longer production days. You can use Sticky Suction Mounts to position your lights on either side of your mirror, EZ-Clamps to clip your lights directly to your work station, or Magic Mounts to adhere your lights to sealed, smooth surfaces on either side of your subject (please review this link for approved surfaces:


** Quick Note: Place your lights slightly above your subject, with the light projecting downward. Allow the light to project over your shoulder and onto your subject - do not stand directly in front of the light panel. Lightly tap the Power Button to dim the light as needed. The Makeup Light is ideal for both makeup application and photography of artistry work.