Microblading is a tattoo technique that requires precision and attention to detail. As a semi-permanent beauty treatment, microblading requires drawing tiny hair-like lines to fill in or reshape the brows. While this is not a permanent tattoo, microblading can last up to three years, so keeping the lines precise and the hair color accurate is very important.

A majority of microblading technicians work in a salon or spa, somewhere with a more controlled environment. This allows them to have consistency in their work, such as lighting and proper seating for clients. This also helps them to maintain sanitation throughout the procedure. However, there are now mobile services available as well to make the procedure more convenient for the client (varies by state and licensing requirements).

Eyelight on Floor Stand half shot

In either setting, the best lighting choice for microblading would be the Eyelight. The Eyelight was designed for precision work near the client, with the rectangular shape allowing the light to wrap around both sides of the face. It is the ideal light panel for this kind of work.

In terms of mounting options, there are several good choices, depending on your location. You can use the highly stable Floor Stand or the table-mounted Articulating Arm for a more permanent installation at a salon or spa. If you do mobile work, use the folding portable Light Stand with the adjustable Gooseneck to position the light over your subject. Once the light is secure and your client is comfortable, you'll be ready to do your work.

While we provide recommendations to assist you in the purchasing process, we understand that TML is incredibly versatile and each kit must suit the individual artist.  For additional questions regarding our lights and mounting options, please contact The Makeup Light at (818) 988-9085.

** Quick Note: Place your lights slightly above your subject, with the light projecting downward. Allow the light to project over your shoulder and onto your subject - do not stand directly in front of the light panel. Lightly tap the Power Button to dim the light as needed. The Makeup Light is ideal for both makeup application and photography of artistry work.