If you've gone to a salon or beauty parlor, chances are you've enjoyed the work of a nail technician. These artists specialize in treatments such as manicures and pedicures, as well as decorative nail design. Nail technicians can also offer advice/treatments for nail disease or skin issues near the nail. Sanitation and attention to detail are of the upmost importance for these licensed professionals.

A majority of nail technicians work in a salon or spa, somewhere with a more controlled environment.

This helps them maintain sanitation standards, as well as giving them and their clients a comfortable place to work. There are mobile services available in some locations, but a majority of nail technicians work in a more traditional beauty salon.

Eyelight on Articulating Arm

For precision nail work, including nail design, the best lighting choice would be the Eyelight. The Eyelight is perfectly suited for nail technicians, with the rectangular panel easily extending over both hands while you work. The quality of the light will enhance the details of your work, including the color choices and fine detailing of nail design.

There are several great options for mounting your Eyelight, depending on what you're working on. For manicures, we recommend the table-mounted Articulating Arm to easily bring the light directly over the hands. For pedicures, we recommend the highly stable Floor Stand for a permanent mounting option near the base of the chair. If you travel as a nail technician, the folding portable Light Stand with the adjustable Gooseneck is a versatile option for both procedures.

While we provide recommendations to assist you in the purchasing process, we understand that TML is incredibly versatile and each kit must suit the individual artist.  For additional questions regarding our lights and mounting options, please contact The Makeup Light at (818) 988-9085.

** Quick Note: Place your lights slightly above your subject, with the light projecting downward. Allow the light to project over your shoulder and onto your subject - do not stand directly in front of the light panel. Lightly tap the Power Button to dim the light as needed. The Makeup Light is ideal for both makeup application and photography of artistry work.