Michael Astalos, creator of The Makeup Light, shows one of TML's most popular accessory "hacks." Creating a "flush mount" with the Magic Mount for your LED Panel. All it takes is a Magic Mount, a Quick Release, and some Super Glue!

Magic Mount + Quick Release Hack: Another Look Transcript:

Hey, everybody! This is Michael with The Makeup Light, and everybody on this thread has been asking Vivian, “How do you get your Eyelight mounted so close to the mirror? You're obviously not using the ball head.”

Well, this is how she does it. She uses a magic mount and just the Quick Release. Now i'm attaching just the male part of the Quick Release to the Magic Mount, and you’ll see on here that there is a center threaded hole and that threaded hole matches up with the Magic Mount post.

So what I will do is I will actually add a little strip of gel super glue right on the post. Then I will take this and the reason I’ll do that, I’ll show you in a second, is this will mount right on there. It screws right on but if you just left it normally see it doesn't really match up straight up and down and you need this to point like an arrow. Point straight up and down like that. But since I have glue on there that will harden into place.

So once I position that into place I lay it down and then I take another little drop of glue right in the center, that little center hole right there. Put that little drop in there let that harden for a couple hours and now it's good to go. It'll last forever and it will not move. Now when you place this on the mirror it's straight up and down every time. And that's the glue that I use. Thanks for watching.