Michael Astalos, Creator of The Makeup Light, shares the Light Stand in this classic video and explains why it was chosen for the Key Light (and later the Eyelight).


The Light Stand Transcript: 

Hi! This is Michael with The Makeup Light, and today we're going to talk about a few tips using our light stand. It's a compact light stand. It's got a good weight to it, and it's very versatile.

A lot of light stands you'll put together and then they have one way that they function. They function in that standard tripod fashion where you have a large open gapping area where somebody can stick their foot through a trip over and knock that right over.

And what we've done is we've picked a light stand that you can actually lay down flat. Tighten it up and it's nearly impossible to knock this guy over. And then you still have 4 complete sections to rise this up so you still get about 6 feet out of this thing even in its flattest position.