Transcript: Hi, Michael here with the makeup light, and today we're going to do a quick lesson on how to attach a quick release to any of our TML light panels. First, orient the light panel so you can read "TML" in front of you.

Position this portion of the quick release so the red lever is pointed towards you. Attach the conical shaped bolt to the short end of the allen wrench so it looks like this. Insert it into place. Start to tighten it down. Then, hold it in position so the red lever is toward you. Then, firm it up. And your quick release should look just like this.

So, now that you've placed half of the quick release set on the back of your panel, the other side of the quick release goes on whatever attachment you're going to be putting it on. In this case, this is on our gooseneck. It just slides on. You flick the lock, and there it is. 

But this piece is the interchangeable piece. Once this piece is on, you can simply unscrew it and attach it to the Suction Mount, you can attach it to the Magic Mount. You can even attach it to the EZ Clamp. So going forward, any light panel can fit on any attachment that you have

And just in case you missed anything, included with your kit is an instruction sheet. And if you misplace this, we'll also have this video and the instruction sheet online on our website,