Transcript: Hi, this is Michael with The Makeup Light. and today we're going to talk about our power supply and what makes it unique. All of our power supplies are universal voltage. That means they work from 100 volt to 240 volt.

If you purchased your kit here in the United States, it will come with the US plug set. But since makeup artists travel around the world, we also include with your set, the European plug set, the United Kingdom, and the Australian plug set.

So, let's say your next job takes you from New York to London, you would simply unplug the United States plug set, grab the United Kingdom plug set, snap it into place, and you're good for working.

Here's another quick tip about our power supply Each power supply comes with a velcro strap holding your cord together. When you're finished with your project, it's recommended that the velcro strap go back around your cord set, and that will help the longevity and safety of your power supply.