Transcript: Hi, Michael here with The Makeup Light. Today I wanted to introduce you to our latest product which is called the Sticky Suction Mount. This is going to replace the old one. And really the only difference is you peel off your protective coating when you first get it. You're going to find it is a sticky surface on this suction. And what that does is it just helps you adhere stronger to your smooth surface.

So, we have a glass door here. We're going to apply it to the glass door, and even though, yes, it's going to sit up there by itself, you never use it that way. Press. Lock into place. Half of the Quick Release is already attached. The other hals if on my light panel. Attach it. Lock it into place, and you're good to go. And yes this will work on both the Key Light and the Eyelight. 

Then to remove it, after your project, just do it in reverse. We're going to flip the switch. We're going to take off the Key Light. Place it down. Release the pressure. It's still stuck on there. It's going to take a little effort to peel this off because it's sticky and it will remain sticky. Use our included re-stick for use pad. Place it on. Back in the kit it goes ready for next time.