Michael Astalos, creator of The Makeup Light, shares tips and tricks on setting up the Quick Release, how to use it, and how to use the EZ Clamp to prevent breaking.

Quick Release and EZ Clamp Essential Tips Transcript:

Hey, everyone, this is Michael with The Makeup Light and today I want to talk to you about two things; the Quick Release and the EZ Clamp. And right now we are not only just including the Quick Release with the panel, we are attaching the Quick Release to the panel ahead of time.

So when you receive it, you will already have it on there. So people found it a little intimidating to try to put that on, so as of recently we've just been putting these on for you. But if you happen to have one that was just included and it's not already installed, here's a quick lesson on how to do that.

This first piece just goes right in what we call the female side is the one with the red lever on it then you just simply thread this guy on. I always make sure that this lever is pointed down the bottom. So you make that orientated to the bottom and then this piece gets snugged on there because this is going to live on there forever.

So that's open that's closed. So what we're going to do now is since we're going to use the EZ Clamp. The EZ Clamp will just receive this Quick Release. It threads. One of those has threads and one of them is open, so we're going to put the one with the threads and we're just going to spin it on like that. I can snug this down a little bit tighter and hold this collar when you're putting that on.

Loosen this collar right here and then I can manipulate this very easily and you never really want to tighten this down too hard because if you go too hard and then you're forcing this,  you can crack these threaded jaws that are inside of here.

All rough adjustments should always be made by the neck itself to point it in a different direction. Create the “S” Curve always just use that, and then once you have it in place where you think you want it. You open up the Quick Release, set it on, lock it down, and there you go.

So just a quick reminder is on this collar you don't need to tighten it down. Just a little snug because that's all you need to do. This will still hold it in place. But you can adjust the angle of the light. Any large  adjustments you do by adjusting the neck, but keep this collar loose and you will not endanger. I can still crank this down really tight, but if i do that and then try to manipulate the panel I could break off those jaws inside and you don't want to do that.

So, this really, this collar here. See, that's loose. It'll just flop down if I let go of it. Just snug it just a little bit and you can feel it it's just a little catchy and that'll hold it into place. And then all of your rough adjustments come from that.