Michael Astalos, creator of The Makeup Light, details how to attach the Quick Release companion piece to the Magic Mount to create the "flush mount" hack. Also, the video shows what to do when the Quick Release doesn't thread onto the Magic Mount perfectly!


Magic Mount Hack - Glue Down Method Transcript:

So, here's a tip when attaching this part of the Quick Release directly to the Magic Mount to create that "flush mount" hack that we've been talking about earlier. And you're going to use that center hole which lines up perfectly with the threads on the Magic Mount.

And, because sometimes when you put this on you may not end up perfectly straight up and down the threads will tighten up about there. So, what you're going to do is you're just going to take some super glue (we use the gel) put it right on the threads directly. Then, we're going to line this up onto the threads.

This will then spin on here very quickly, and if it doesn't line up perfectly, like this one ends up about right there. So, it's not directly up and down. So rather than forcing it, because you may pull that post right out of the Magic Mount, because you have put glue on it just kind of spin it back to where it's going to be vertical.

Then, you're going to add a little more glue to the center hole and then you're just going to let it dry. It gives you a few minutes to line up perfectly let it dry over night; a couple hours at least. And now you have the Magic Mount hack turning the Magic Mount into a flush mount Quick Release.