New Light Panel Announcement! The Jet Light 12x12 inch LED Panel Kit Transcript

 We are going to be introducing today what we call the TML Jet Light. It this big, bad boy right here. This is 12 by 12 panel, and it's a monster. It has an amazing, tremendous amount of light output. And just to give you a size comparison, this is a Key Light.

This is what everybody most people use this and the Eyelight. But this was our first Key Light that we came out with. This is the Jet Light. And you can see the camera.

So you can see maybe that's a better comparison like this. You can see how much more surface area you have for light output.And it is a tremendous amount of light output. And because it is such a larger panel, it comes with the same idea.

You have a mounting position on the back. Quick release already comes on it. And we've changed. One thing is normally with the Key Lights, you get a well, you get a Gooseneck. And it just, you know, put the Quick Release on it. It just snaps right on. And then you can bend it and use it like this. And that's the Key Light setup.

But this light is so much larger. We actually came out with this guy. This is our, I believe we're just calling this the arm or the Universal Arm. And because this has so much more weight to it, we want it to be much more stable.

And again, this is the other half of the Quick Release on the Universal Arm. It just slides right in and locks in. The advantages you now you have one adjusting knob for loosening and then you can move it around like this and all sorts of different positions.

This is it's on the Quick Release, just like that. This is the arm right here, the Universal Arm. And again, it'll just slide right on it and lock into place. And then the adjusting knob is on this side. And you can have full, you can tilt it straight up, full adjustment. You can actually have this guy go straight down and tighten that up if you wanted to do something straight down.

But it's a beautiful arm system. It gives you great control over it. You can go straight up any angle, any position, put it in that position, hold it, hold the panel with one arm, and then just tighten down with the other hand on to the knob. And that's it. And it goes right on to the stand.

And this is actually being sold as a kit, and it is called the Jet Light Kit. And with it, you are going to get the LED panel, the Jet Light panel, and it comes in its own felt pouch. You get the Universal Arm and you get the Quick Release. Of course, you get a Power Supply. It is just like all the other power supplies. Looks just like this, universal voltage, can take it around the world with you.

And then also, you get a Light Stand. And the Light Stand comes in our tote bag like this. It turns into a backpack, just like that. And what everybody, I'm sure, is going to be asking is, well, how much is it? Well, retail price is $475. It is available with the pro discount, 20 percent off, makes it $380

But again, this is to introduce our Jet Light Kit. It's this big panel, 12 by 12 inch panel. And this is our Key Light. So just as a comparison, that's the difference in size. Huge difference. Just a huge difference. Huge amount of light output from this guy.

And at ClickCon we introduced it, ClickCon up in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, a huge hit. People just loved it, raved about it. A lot of people are asking about the quality is like, hey, you keep you know, you make a larger light panel. Are you staying the same quality of LED chips and everything else?

So what we did is we wanted to make sure of that.

And we are at like I just took a reading of this 98.4 C.R.I. out of a possible 100. 98.4.

And of course, the biggie down here, which is "R9". That's the red. We're at 96.6 red. So you are getting that red in there. And that is one of the most important things about LED lighting. In LEDS, it is very difficult to get red in them.

If I read my overheads on top here, they were just DWP came in put in fluorescents throughout the whole office. But they're inexpensive, the cheapest LED tubes they could find. We just read it earlier today. 0.4 red. So there is almost zero red in it.

You cannot see a color unless the color is in the light source. So all the reds are going to be very, very muted. If you were just looking at it with there. So that's why it's really important. We have our LED chips custom made for us. We kept the same brightness.

You're still getting the same surface lux, just a lot more of it. And you'll start seeing some ads. We did some stuff up in Chicago, at ClickCon that was just an amazing showing, how these overpowered even like the dim tungstens that were in a ballerina shoot that we kind of set up lighting for them. And it was just a beautiful shot.

And then we did a lot of stuff at our own booth, at a shooting booth next door, lit with nothing but TML lights, Jet Lights and Key Lights and Eyelights.

Any questions about it if you have one?

I mean, you can do a lot of things with this. You can actually put on a Magic Mount right on it, stick it to the surface on the front of it and use your phone on it. I mean, it's a great thing.

You can still use our Magic Mount and put it on to a mirror, a flat surface, a window, things like that.

I'm trying to remember if we have tested, I'm not sure if we've tested on an EZ Clamp, but we will be testing that out shortly to make sure that that'll work. And if not, we'll just we'll just let you know. But for right now, we're saying, hey, it's great to use on a stand because it is a larger unit. It'd be great for use in a salon or even take it on location as well.

Yes. Question: [How easy is it to travel with, will it fit in a carry on?]

Yeah, it should fit in a carry on because again, it's only 12 inches by 12 inches, and it comes with its own felt pouch. So literally you could put it in the pouch and that's it with that and the arm and a stand would probably have to go into your luggage. But this is heavy. I mean, if your carry on, I think that'll fit into a carry on bag. I think that would fit into my Toomy Carry-On. But that's the longest piece.

I would say it probably would fit into a carry on, but I would you know, that's the heaviest part of this whole kit is going to be your light stand.

So I would say put that into your checked baggage for sure, just so you're not having to carry that weight and put it overhead once you got on the plane.

But yeah, as far as the rest of it, that's it.

That comes, you know, in a in a one of our non woven totes like this. And yeah, it could go right into a carry on bag or any other bag if you're traveling a Zucca bag, things like that, if you have one of the larger ones with a big compartment in it or any other type of bag, this would just slip right inside. But it's it's a great new product. We're just thrilled to be able to introduce today and check it out.

It should be already live on the website, and it is absolutely available with the pro discount, so $475 drops down to $380.

And you get the LED panel, you get the felt pouches, the Universal, Arm, Power Supply, Light Stand, Quick Release, tote bags. It's a complete kit, $475 down to $380 with a pro discount. And just on our homepage, there's a little tab across the top that just says, hey, apply for the pro discount.

And if you've gotten a pro discount in the past, email us and go, hey, I had one last year and we will look you up by email and they'll just shoot you the new code.

So we try to make it as easy as possible because you guys are our base and we want to always be bringing you new products, new items to help you guys with your work, to help you work more quickly. Better have more confidence in your work and have your clientele be more confident in you as well. I mean, look, professional. I mean, these panels are really amazing. I mean, these guys really just such a beautiful, simple panel, 12 by 12 inch. This is the Universal Arm. And you get a total swing it around adjustments.

And this is really dimmed. And I mean, I don't know if you can it's probably going to adjust on the camera there. But, you know, you have full dimming capability, but that's full bright. I mean, I'm sure you're blasting the side of my face, but yeah, it's really, really nice, really, really bright.

Dim it down again. And then it's a little adjusting lock on the side right here. And this is how you adjust it. Is this this guy right here, you're just going to loosen him up. And then the ball heads on both sides loosen. And you can even take this and go straight down with it, if you like, it's really great, it's a wonderful item, and I'm sure your clients would love that added to your kit as well.

But yeah, we're very happy to be introducing this today.

Any other questions? Comments about anything? Give us a message on Facebook, Instagram. Email. And let us know anything else you like to either hear about this, any of our other products, any other trade shows? We might be going to just let us know. And we're always here for you and we'd love to chat with you. And we've also soon will probably be doing another show on our custom installs.

I'm actually packing up today some new custom lighting for another green room where we're doing some five by 40 inch panels, Magic Mounting right to their mirrors. So they don't need to do any big construction. It's great for schools and salons and spas and greenroom studios, actually in-home use as well, because we have three or four different sizes of these panels. I always get them in for some clients and then have extras left over. But these are for a special installation in a green room. And we'll show you how all that works, which is really exciting as well.

But this show today was about introducing our new Jet Light. It's the Big 12 by 12 inch panel, and it does come in its own felt pouch. And just like that, it comes with the Quick Release on it. Just like that. It comes with the Universal Arm instead of a Gooseneck. We call it the Universal Arm. And that comes with the Power Supply, universal power supply in the felt pouch. And it comes with a Light Stand in a non woven tote turns into a backpack.

And normally it's $475 retail $380, though, with your pro discount and pro discounts, pretty much good for anything on the website unless it's on some kind of a special.

But usually it's good on anything 20 percent off if you don't already have your pro discount. Please apply for it. There's a little link at the top and we'll just go through it and hopefully qualify you if you've had one in the past and it's expired because they expire about every six months. Email us and say, hey, I got one before and we'll look you up by your email address and shoot you a new one. And that way you can enjoy a nice pro discount on whatever you purchase.

So thank you for watching us today. And if not, then this will be posted to our Instagram TV. And you can watch it at a later date and let us know if you have any other questions. So thank you for joining us today, and we will talk to you soon.