See Your Vision

Four sisters posing, looking at the camera

How do you see yourself? Not just the reflection in the mirror, but the woman behind the reflection?

  • Do you see the acne on your skin?
  • The dark spots?
  • Do you see mistakes and problems to be fixed?

Then you aren't seeing the full picture. Set your vision on who you want to be.

To set a vision, you need to see. The Makeup Light helps you see the whole picture—not just the flaws that distract you, but the full picture of who you are and who you want to be.

See your vision with The Makeup Light.

Four sister balance on rocks at the beach

Different Visions for Different Lives


Vicki looks off camera wearing a blue top


Vicki is a physician's assistant, but she has worked in many different areas of medicine.

For 30 years, Vicki performed general surgery. The past 12 years, she has specialized in dermatology and wound care.

Vicki uses The Makeup Light in her home, and also it in her work!

"I don't think I could do home care at all without the light... Like bringing sunshine into the rooms, it's the most accurate light I've ever worked with."

The Makeup Light helps Vicki "see more true color" both for her work and at home. And when you can see the truth, it's easier to know the truth about who you are and who you want to be!

Get to Know Vicki


Vanessa looks relaxed, smiling at the camera


No woman is defined by a single part of their life—and nobody knows that better than Vanessa. A mother, stepmother, grandmother, retired software consultant, and visionary human being.

She sews. Gardens. Cooks. Vanessa embraces every part of her womanhood and this beautiful season of life.

"Back when I first started using a makeup mirror... you really still couldn't even see yourself in the mirror. The Makeup Light really is light!"

Vanessa's Eyelight from The Makeup Light helps her to see—not only her complexion, but also the full picture of who she is.

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Valerie smiles, caught mid-laugh


As a teacher, Valerie spent years getting up before the sun to get ready for work. That meant putting on her makeup in the dark! 

Now a mother and grandmother, Valerie understands the importance of a bright light to see—especially when she removes her glasses!

"If you don't have enough lighting, you can't see. When The Makeup Light became a part of my [life], what a difference it made! I could see everything that I needed to see."

Instead of struggling to see, Valerie has a clear picture of herself when she is readying herself—and a clear vision for who she wants to be in this moment.

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Their Favorite Makeup Lights

Vicky regards her reflection in the TML Meira Vanessa touches up her makeup using the Eyelight

TML Meira Vanity |  The Eyelight

Both these lights are designed with the same color-accuracy and brightness behind our professional line—but will fit perfectly in your home! 

TML Meira 12x12 is the first in our new line of makeup vanities—a light that lives up to our high standards, and yours! Put on your makeup, attend Zoom calls, record YouTube tutorials, and more. 

The Eyelight is your ultimate home and travel light. This sleek, chrome LED panel affixes to any mirror in seconds. Take it in your carry-on when you travel or move, then set it up again. Never be without the light you need to truly see!