Quick Setup: Key Light 2.0 EZ Clamp Starter Kit by TML

Michael Astalos, the creator of The Makeup Light, shows you how to set up your Key Light 2.0 EZ Clamp Starter Kit in a few easy steps! Watch the video below and/or read the transcript to get your light ready in a snap!

Hi everyone, Michael here with The Makeup Light. Today we’re talking about the quick setup  of the Key Light 2.0 EZ Clamp Starter Kit and that simply consists of Key Light 2.0 EZ Clamp, power supply, and a Quick Release and the EZ Clamp is one of the simplest ways to attach your Key Light to things. You can attach to a counter top like this if you wanted to do that. Very simple. Today we're just going to attach it to this mirror, just a simple attachment very stable, very secure.

Quick Release is already attached to this side of it and make sure the arrow is pointing up on your Quick Release back of the Key Light already has the other half of the Quick Release. Make sure it’s in the open position. Going to set that on the other half, click it, and you can hear it lock into place.

Large adjustments; always use the arm to make large adjustments. You can make small adjustments. Don't ever tighten that ball joint down all the way. You can break that. But just make slight adjustments to hold it in place.

The power supply, universal voltage works around the world. We actually include four regions in plug adapters, so it works anywhere in the world.  I already have one plugged in for convenience, so I'm just going to plug this in, and on the power supply is a thermal dimmer so you can adjust the brightness. And then once you have it to your desired brightness,  I usually drape the power cord over the back of the clamp, just to kind of get it out of the way.

We'll see you soon