Michael Astalos, creator of The Makeup Light, shows the simple way to store your LED panel's power cord after use for the best protection from damage.


How to Store the Power Cord for TML LED Panels Transcript:

Hey, everyone! Michael with The Makeup light and just wanted to pass along another tips and tricks, and this one is going to be about our power supply. And when you purchase a power supply it's going to come with a little velcro tab on it, like this one, and the reason we do that is we want you to use your hand to wrap the cord around before you put it away.

And the reason you do that is because if you just wrap it around the power supply itself you can put too much tension and pressure onto the cord at the base of the power supply and possibly cause a short.

So, this allows you to make the donut and then just bring this up and feed the velcro tab through it. It'll just stick to itself, and that way there's no pressure. You want to avoid pressure on this point, and then that allows you to then just simply tuck it in.

And you don't have to be perfect about it at first it'll just actually snug right in. Pull it closed and there you have it