In 2020, The Makeup Light released an all-new Suction Mount. After years of searching for the right model, TML found one that was easy to operate with amazing suction. In this video, Michael Astalos, creator of The Makeup Light, demonstrates how to put the pieces together, and how to use this new mount.

TML's New Suction Mount (2020)

Watch the video below and/or read the transcript that follows!


Hi Everyone, Michael with The Makeup Light and today we're doing a quick video on our new Suction Mount. It comes in three parts, probably assembled when you get it, but just in case, It comes with a ball head. This is the arm and this is the base.

So, take the center piece here. You're going to see a spring inside. You're going to hold this at the bottom. You don't have to tighten it, just hold it.

You're going to loosen this up, and you only need to loosen it enough to drop in the ball head. Snug it down just a little bit. Flip it over, again hold it at the base. You're going to be loosening this top area here just enough to put that ball head in. Snug it down, and there you go.